Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Zealand

The exchange rate is kicking out butts!!

New Zealand is more expensive than we thought, leading us to eat at McDonalds and Burger King more than we want. Quite a step down from the fine dining of Chile, but at least we've got breakfast! No more crackers and Tang!

Highlights of New Zealand include: Bay of Islands fun-in-the-sun, Napier wine region, Blackwater Rafting, sperm whales by helicopter, ping pong and home cooking of Invercargil, amazing forests and beaches of The Catlins on the south coast, and Milford Sound Fiordland cruise. It was great having people to share the sites with as Daina's parents joined us for a bit. We were all hosted by our friend Debbie (New Zealand ping pong champion)in Invercargil who showed us a grand time.

Today we enjoyed a wine and food pairing and will be going to Pick-Our-Own cherries after this. So life is bopping along just fine. We will be flying on to Tasmania soon! Perhaps when internet doesn't cost us minimum wage (what is minimum wage now?) we will post some pictures!

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  1. Oh Milford Sound! That place was beautiful. Were there a lot of waterfalls along the drive in? I'm so glad you connected with Debbie. Sounds like you're having a great time. I'm sorry you're eating fast food there. I remember loving the food in New Zealand. Not anything fancy, just some great breakfasts and lunches at little coffee shops and local restaurants. Sounds like you made some fun plans to substitute for the cruise. I'm sure you'll find great adventure in the new destinations as well!